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The match got off to a late start with a 7 o’clock kick off (luckily we were home so not too bad for us!) and was most definitely the closest match we have had this term. All four players – Cabbage, Charly, Aigerim and Louisa had plenty of running to do because it was so evenly matched. In 4th String Cabbage had a strong start by winning her first two games but sadly lost the next two and although she gave it her best in the 5th game sadly missed out on the win. In 3rd place Charly played extremely well, and although her first game was extremely close (13-11 to Nottingham) she did not let this phase her and came back to storm the next three games, winning 3-1 eventually, this was possibly aided by her strong support team! Aigerim also gave it her all, and despite losing all three of her games, she did consistently improve her score, almost exactly doubling it each game! Finally in 1st string Louisa had a very exciting game. She and her opponent alternated games until 2 all, and then Louisa pulled it out the bag for the last game. The competitive grunts were an accompaniment to a well-fought win. All in all, despite losing out on the overall win, we all had an extremely enjoyable match. This match was for the conference cup, so although it is rather sad that we will have to concede this glorious place to another team, on the bright side it does mean that we are still very convincingly the top of our league at the moment.