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The ferrets got off to an interesting start on Wednesday as we headed down to Enterprise to pick up our car, only to find that no such booking had been made… The only thing that they could furnish with us was a huge swanky automatic, which Lizzie was quite happy to hop into and glide away in as she cranked up the seat in order to be able to just poke her head up enough to see out the windscreen. Thus ensued a seamless freewheel to Birmingham, where we got slightly confused with their new sports ground but eventually managed to find parking and the squash courts themselves. The matches went extremely well, with Lizzie winning each game easily, Cabbage also nearly white-washing her opponent, Catherine producing some excellent serves to win each game and Aigerim having an excellent match and spicing things up and keeping us in suspense as to whether the ferrets would drop a game by winning her last one 13-11. All played extremely well, and we made full use of the excellent sound system as we cruised all the way home.