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Oxford Fixtures Wk 1 (MT) 2018

Week one of fixtures for Michaelmas happened last Wednesday and Oxford found itself some great results. Our Women’s Blues, Men’s Squirrels and Women’s Ferrets all had matches. Thanks to our captains, the reports are found below.

Women’s Blue vs.  Leicester 1sts (Away): Win

Utterly heartbroken to be bereft of their new captain (due to injury), the Oxford team set out to Leicester under the wise guidance of Isabel, the best driver and most experienced in BUCS matches (and probably more qualified to be captain anyway 😉 ). A relatively new team was playing, with half the team experiencing their first BUCS matches and 3/4 playing their first match for Oxford. It was an amazing start to the year for the side, with a comprehensive 4-0 match (12-1 games) victory over reigning champions Leicester 1sts.
Isabel and Laura went up first against the Leicester 4 and 2 respectively, the stand-in captain presenting a perfect example for the newbies. Both won their matches in a comfortable 3-0 style, and Hayley and Alethea went up to try to continue the ‘bagelling’. Alethea’s match was tighter than the others, seeing her almost down her second game 4-10. However, with a game already under her belt, she fought back to a 15-13 win and sailed through the next game to a 3-0 match win. Meanwhile, Hayley had lost her first game against Leicester’s star player Leanne. By this time all the other matches were finished and all eyes were glued on the top seed showdown. The better player under pressure, Hayley put her foot down and took the second game 11-6. A small comeback in the 3rd saw the game go to 10 all, but again Hayley pushed through at the crucial moment, taking the game 12-10 and the final game 11-3.

All round it was a very impressive show from a young Oxford team, and bodes extremely well for the season! Well done girls!

Men’s Squirrels vs.  Warwick 2nds (Home): Win

The new and improved Squirrels started off the season with a home match against the Warwick 2nds. Hoping to make a statement in the Midlands 2A BUCS league right from the get-go, we fielded our top 5 seeds; Rory and Ed B from last year along with new recruits Isaiah, Adam and Colin. Our opponents arrived on time, and hit the courts immediately for a quick warm-up session. Tragedy struck in the first few minutes of the Squirrels warm-up session, when Isaiah’s racket snapped into 2 at the grip (yes, at the grip), as a result of not having used it for a long time. Warwick players seemed to believe this would give them the upper hand – oh, how wrong could they have been. Matches started to fall into our hands easily (and quickly), especially for Isaiah, Adam and Colin, proving their place in the top end of the team. Rory blazed through his match as usual, only conceding a total of 11 points to his opponent. Ed B struggled with his first game (quote – “I’m feeling a bit tired”), but quickly regained his relentless playing style in the second and third games to finish strongly. The end score of 5-0 in matches and 15-0 in games, placed us at the top of our division along with Birmingham 3rds. The night ended with a couple of drinks at Big Society with the Women’s Blues and Ferrets. All in all, it was a great start to the season.

Women’s Ferrets vs.  Nottingham 4ths (Away): Loss

First match of the season for the Ferrets harks a long car trip up North to Nottingham. Despite a few unexpected ‘detours’ en route, the Ferrets arrive to a Nottingham 4th team that is looking in good shape. Catherine, Jane, Intie and Jess are representing and put on a good fight for the first match, but Nottingham ultimately win out 3 games to 1, with straight set wins for seeds 1-3. They’re looking surprisingly improved from a complete washout two years previously, however definitely not out of reach for a win for the Oxford Ferrets as the season progresses. With the first games of the season under the belt, the Ferrets return to Oxford (in a very snazzy Mercedez Benz courtesy of Sports Fed hire cars), keen to get practice in for our next encounter.

Ferrets MT Wk1 2018 (2) Ferrets MT Wk1 2018

The Ferrets having the usual match trip fun